A relative of the red grape Grenache, Grenache Blanc is a white wine grape which originated in Spain and later brought to the Rhone Valley. It's now the fourth most widely planted grape in France.

Grenache Blanc is prized for its rich, bright flavors, crisp acidity, and high alcohol. Wines are typically low in acidity with citrus and herbaceous notes. It is a vigorously growing vine which can lead to overproduction and diminished quality if yields are not controlled.

Grenache Blanc grapes are flexible in the wine making process. They respond well to low fermentation temperatures, which will produce fresh, herbal scents. It's noteworthy that Grenache Blanc also tastes well served at chilled temperatures when its crispness is at the forefront.

Single varietal bottlings of Grenache Blanc are straw colored wines characterized by crisp acids, green apple and mandarin aromas, and flavors of apple, mineral and peach. It responds well to malolactic fermentation as well as oak aging.

When utilized as a blending grape, as it frequently is in the white blends of Chateauneuf du Pape, it brings fruitiness and fatness to the wine. It is frequently found blended with Roussanne as its crisp acidity balances the rich honey of the Roussanne. It is also prized in blends for its long finish. 

Grenache Blanc plantings are now thriving in Spain, France, North America and Australia. San Louis Obispo County in Central California continues to lead the way in new Grenach Blanc plantings as well as single varietal wines.


​Aromas of green fruit and citrus, apple, lime, and peach. Floral and herbal notes are prominent, plump and full bodied on the palate. Bright flavors, crisp acidity, and a long, spice-driven finish.


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