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Fig Season - Types of Figs to try!

It's fresh fig season here in California! Being August, we are right in the thick of it. Beginning mid-May and stretching through mid-December, 5 varieties of figs will be common this season, including the Black Mission, Calimyrna, Kadota, Brown Turkey, and Sierra. Make the most of these fresh, perfect figs, and try them all!

Black Mission Figs via TheTreeCenter.com

Black Mission

Arguably the most popular of the fig varieties, this is a smaller, blue-purple fig has a smooth pink flesh, studded with seeds that add a nice crunch when consumed. These are wonderfully sweet, jammy and sticky when picked at the right time. Try them in some of our seasonal dishes!

Dried Calimyrna Figs via GourmetFoodWorld.com


When ripe, Calimyrna figs are sweet and sugary, tasting of butterscotch and honey. You can often find them dried, but they are delicious fresh with a distinctly nutty flavor. Try them grilled to really enhance the flavor!

Kadota Figs, via FourWindsGrowers.com


These green figs are commonly consumed fresh and known for their smooth and silky flesh. They will not be the sweetest variety, but they are great with salt, or for making jams and preserves (they are almost entirely seedless, which eases the process!).

Brown Turkey Figs, via SpecialtyProduce.com

Brown Turkey

Brown and beautiful, these fig are the most commonly grown across the world. The larger, elongated figs are best when the skin is tender. These ripe figs will be more mild, but heavy, sweet and juicy. Anything picked too early will taste dull, beware!

Sierra Figs, via glamour.com


One of the newest fig varieties, this large, round green fig is beautiful and delicious when halved and topped with oils or cheese.

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