Cruising Sonoma: Beer Tasting

Everyone knows Sonoma County as Wine Country, but our award-winning beer and spirits are garnering quite a bit of attention in recent years.

No matter where you're visiting in the county, there is stellar craft brew nearby. Word is getting out: these five breweries not only have taprooms, but also offer tours and tastings! Now there is no excuse not to visit!

Sonoma Springs Brewing Company

With over twenty fresh beers on tap, the taproom serves as a great location to plant oneself to try all of Sonoma Springs beers.

They offer tastings Mon-Tue 4-9pm and Wed-Sun 1-9pm.

Sonoma Springs Brewing Company is currently expanding and expect to be offering tours of their brewhouse by the end of the year.


Find Lagunitas TapRooms and brewery at their Petaluma location. Tasting tours are daily, free, and no reservations are required. You must be 21 or older for the tasting tour (don't forget to bring your ID or passport!)

The hours for the tours are as follows:

Mon-Wed 1pm & 3pm, Thurs-Fri 1pm, 3pm, 5pm, Sat-Sun 1pm, 2pm, 3pm, 4pm, 5pm

Bear Republic

Bear Republic offers a tour of their Healdsburg Brewery on Saturdays by appointment only. You must contact the Bar Manager Ryan Lindecker, Tuesday-Thursday by 11am to schedule your tour. (Note: closed toe shoes are required.)

Spirit Works

Distillery tours are Friday-Sunday at 5pm and are $20 per person. The tour includes an in depth look at the path our grain takes through our production facility to become Spirit Works Distillery product. We conclude the tour with a full tasting of our spirits.

Tasting Room is open Wednesday-Sunday From 11am-5pm. Reservations Are Not Required.

Here at the girl & the fig we always encourage safe travel during your tasting excursions! So, here are a few wonderful brew tour options in Sonoma County.

Brew Tours

Brew Brothers Brewery Tours

Allow us to take you on a brewery tour to your favorite or never visited breweries. Get lucky enough to meet the brewers and check out their operations. Booking with Brew Brothers Brewery Tours is the best way to visit our local North Bay breweries. Our plan is to be your designated driver and adventure makers. So sit back and enjoy your tour while also enjoying some complimentary brew.

North Bay Brewery Tours

We were well aware of the world-class beer being produced locally but we started to notice a trend; beer geeks were coming from far and wide to Sonoma County just to visit our favorite local breweries. Now everybody knows that Sonoma County is famous for its wine but when our breweries started taking home medals year after year, the word got out: There’s some damn fine beer being made in these parts. Sure the wine is good, don’t get us wrong, but we want to revise the familiar moniker of ‘Wine Country.’ That’s why our official motto is…

“Welcome to Craft Beer Country” Call it what you will, but to us this is Beer Country.

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