Wine Wednesday: Miner Family Winery 2012 White Blend, The Iliad, Napa Valley

As you may know, since the very beginning the girl & the fig has offered an exclusively “Rhône-alone” wine list. We’ve always loved that featuring unique wines gives us an opportunity to begin a conversation with our guests, perhaps introduce them to something new, as well as to present talented and innovative producers we believe in.

This week: Miner Family Winery 2012 White Blend, The Iliad, Stagecoach and Simpson, Napa Valley

About the Founder of Miner Family Winery: Dave Miner

Dave Miner, born and raised in Chicago, lived for a number of years in Southern California before staking his claim in Napa Valley. Though he had grown up with an appreciation of good wine, it was a mixed case given to him as a 21st birthday gift that got his collection going, or as he puts it, his “habit formed.”

Still, he says it never even crossed his mind to work in the wine industry until his uncle called upon him to help run his new venture. So, after a number of years spent working in the software industry, Dave made the switch and began his odyssey in the wine business in 1993 as President of Oakville Ranch Vineyards.

In 1999 he purchased the winery facility and launched his own label to critical acclaim, and quickly solidified his position as a serious new vintner in Oakville.

Tasting notes:

The Iliad, their white Rhone-style blend, begins with a bright perfume of honeysuckle and acacia flowers and continues it’s epic tale with undertones of sandalwood and herbs. With good acidity, concentration and balance, The Iliad boasts flavors of apricots and a hint of citrus.