Wine Wednesday: Saxon Brown, 2012 Syrah 'Owl Box', Sonoma

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This Week: Saxon Brown, 2012 Syrah, Sonoma

About Saxon Brown

Jeff Gaffner, owner and winemaker, began his career in the wine industry working for Chateau St. Jean. In this position, he learned that the process of growing the grapes is just as important as the wine-making process. It's this knowledge and experience that Jeff took with him to create his own winery, Saxon Brown.

The name Saxon Brown was inspired by the character in Jack London's novel, The Valley of the Moon. This inspiration originated from Jeff's belief that if he ever had a daughter, he would name her Saxon after this character. After having two sons, Jeff decided to use the name for his wine label instead.

With Saxon Brown, Jeff began by focusing on bottling wine from small, single vineyards. Today, he creates wines from both established and emerging vineyards. He also works as a consulting winemaker for other artisan labels.

Tasting Notes:

This 2012 Syrah is created from grapes grown on the Parmelee-Hill Vineyard in Sonoma, in an area also known as the Owl Box Block (because of the owl box that resides there). The vineyard, located on the edge of a hill, receives wind that helps to concentrate the violet and lavender tones in this wine. With flavors built around meaty dark berry, cedar, pepper and spice notes, this wine has a supple texture.


At the girl & the fig we’d recommend pairing Saxon Brown, 2012 Syrah with our grilled pork belly sandwich (duck liver mousse, pickled vegetables, mint, greens, frites), or steak frites (6-ounce prime flat iron steak, frites, roasted garlic & herb butter).

At home enjoy with grilled lamb chops or grilled tuna.


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