Murphy's: 10 Fun Facts About Whiskey + Cheese

Did you know that on September 22nd, Murphy's Irish Pub is having a Whiskey + Cheese Pairing event?

This fun event is happening in the Snug at Murphy's Irish Pub, from 6:30pm - 8:00pm. Special guests Fred and Amy Groth of Prohibition Spirits, and Lisa Gottreich of Bohemian Creamery will be there, pairing 6 small batch whiskeys with an assortment of artisan cheeses.

Sip and savor on the best of local food + drink, in this unique pairing event, plus get a chance to talk with the makers, and enjoy nibbles prepared by the Murphy's chef. You won't want to miss it!

Click here to grab your tickets before they're sold out! And, as a thank you for being a part of our social network, use code PR92217 to get $10 off your ticket!

To get you ready for the Whiskey + Cheese Event at Murphy's we've put together a list of 10 Fun Facts you should know about Whiskey and Cheese:

1. Whiskey = Water of Life

The word "whiskey" is a Gaelic word, which translates to "water of life".

2. 10 pounds of milk goes into every pound of cheese

This surprising fact makes us appreciate artisanal cheese-makers that much more!!

3. Whiskey can be made from any grain...

...even Quinoa!! While typically made from corn, rye, and barley, whiskey can also be made from any sort of grain.

4. There are over 2,000 varieties of cheese

Cheese-making has been around for over 4,000 years! So, it makes sense why we now have so many choices.

5. The first whiskey was created by Irish monks

While this fact has been argues, many believe that the first whiskey was created in Ireland. Traditionally, Irish whiskey is tripled-distilled, and is made using pure-malted barley.

6. Are you a Turophile???

If you consider yourself a cheese connoisseur and lover of cheese, then you are!

7. Whiskey can outlive people

In a glass bottle, whiskey can survive for 100 years, and its flavor will not change. Kept out of light, it can last for all of eternity.

8. Cheese is most flavorful at room temperature

So be sure to take your cheese out about an hour before digging in.

9. Whiskey starts out perfectly clear

The dark color of the finished product of whiskey comes from the aging process, where whiskey must be aged in oak barrels for at least 3 years.

10. Cheese isn't just made from cow, sheep, or goat milk...

...while uncommon, it can also be made from buffalo milk, horse milk, and even camel milk.

Meet the Makers

Murphy's Irish Pub is so excited to have Prohibition Spirits and Bohemian Creamery in the Snug for this event!

PC: Experience Sonoma Valley

Prohibition Spirits was founded by Fred and Amy Groth, after the couple fell in love with Sonoma while on vacation in 2008. They were living in Colorado with their three children, where Fred had a career in environmental consulting and Amy owned an event planning business. During their Sonoma vacation, they became inspired with the idea of creating a California-version of Italy's Limoncello, because Sonoma reminded them so much of Italy. They decided to take a shot at their dream, and moved to Sonoma. They have since created their now award-winning Limoncello di Sonoma, and today their company includes over 30 different products!

PC: Bohemian Creamery

Founded by Lisa Gottreich, Bohemian Creamery creates hand-crafted artisanal goat, water buffalo, sheep, and cow milk cheeses. Located right outside downtown Sebastopol, Lisa is inspired by her surroundings, which includes views of Laguna de Santa Rosa, the Mayacama Mountains, and her heard of alpine dairy goats. It is also these surroundings that enrich each of the cheeses crafted.

We can't wait to see you at Murphy's for the Whiskey + Cheese event on 9/22!! For more information, and to purchase tickets, please click here.

( fans save $10 when you use the code PR92217 at checkout!)

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