5 Suggestions to Take Care of Yourself

The past couple of weeks have been a very difficult and trying time for many people in our community. After experiencing these severe wildfires we know that many have been dealing with countless emotions such as stress, relief and even depression. We would like to share with you some suggestions on ways to take care of yourself, as many are attempting to transition back into their normal routines.


Your body and mind needs time to rest in order to fully function in your day to day life. Put on your favorite PJ's and snuggle up under the sheets. Your body and your family will thank you for this.

Call an old friend

Take some time out of your day to connect with the person that knows you best. They will know how to help you through this hard time.

Make you favorite meal

Prepare your most cherished comfort food recipe and cozy up with the ones you love. Great food and good company make everything better.

Take time for yourself

We all live hectic lives but it is SO important to take some time and do something for yourself. Catch up on your favorite shows, treat yourself to a nice meal or spa day, or even go for a walk and reflect on what you want and need.

Enjoy a weekend expedition

Take the family on a small road trip and visit Sonoma or Napa County. Our local shops, restaurants and wineries could use your support now more than ever.