Wine Wednesday: C R Graybehl Wine, 2015 Grenache Blanc, Sonoma

"The best wines are the ones we drink with friends."


This Week: C R Graybehl Wine, 2015 Grenache Blanc

About C R Graybehl:

Casey Graybehl, founder of C R Graybehl Wine Company, was first inspired to become a winemaker through ordinary life lessons taught to him by his grandfather, Cliff Graybehl. In Casey's words, Cliff was "the epitome of how to live life; love and smile". Today, Casey creates wines in Sonoma in honor of his grandfather. Even though his grandfather was not particularly a wine-drinker, Casey knows that his grandfather would be proud that his wine brings a little more joy into peoples' lives and everyday get-togethers.

Tasting Notes:

This 2015 Grenache Blanc has flavors of fresh lemon and green apple, with aromatics of tropical melon, sea salt, blood orange, and fall pears with a hint of nutmeg.


At the girl & the fig we’d recommend pairing C R Graybehl, 2015 Grenache Blanc with Mary's Half Chicken (roasted pumpkin panzanella, chicories, pomegranate seeds). For a meat-free option, try our Black Pepper Gnocchi (roasted​ baby carrots, organic mushrooms, parmesan mornay, garden herbs).

At home try it with roasted chicken, cauliflower, baked potatoes, and soft cheeses.


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