5 Reasons Why Ramen Rules the Season

There's nothing more satisfying than a warm bowl of ramen on a chilly autumn night. That's why we're so excited to announce that our seasonal Ramen Nights at Suite D are back, beginning tomorrow, November 1st from 5-8pm! In honor of the return of Ramen Nights at Suite D, here are 5 fun facts about ramen, that make this yummy bowl the star of the season.

1. Ramen Is Creative & Versatile

We love the endless possibilities there are for creating a bowl of ramen. There are so many possibilities for what you can add, from seasonal vegetables to shellfish and meats.

2. Ramen Was Not Originally From Japan

Today, many recognize ramen as a Japanese dish. However, ramen originated in China before the 17th century, which is when it made the jump to Japanese culture. No one really knows how ramen switched to become characterized as a Japanese dish.

3. Ramen Was One Of The First Industrialized Foods In Japan

In the 1910's, ramen noodles were prepared using mechanical noodle-making machines.

4. After World War II, It Became Illegal To Sell Ramen

In the 1940's, widespread food shortages and famine were seen across Japan as a result of the war. The government set restrictions on selling food for profit because of this devestation. Despite being illegal, thousands of black market food stands appeared after the war. Ramen was one of the only foods that could be prepared with the scarce food available, since wheat was being imported by the U.S. at the time. As a result, ramen became an idealized food in Japanese culture, since it was able to sustain and nourish people.

5. Today, Ramen Has A Reputation in Pop-Culture

In the modern world, ramen has made a large impact in the Western culture. The dish is now served in many artisan restaurants as a trendy delicacy. It's safe to say that this delicious dish has now taken over the world!

Join us for Ramen Nights at Suite D this season! Beginning November 1st, from 5-8pm or until we run out. No tickets needed, just show up and enjoy!

Suite D Address: 21800 Schellville Road, Sonoma, CA 95476

Visit our website for more information about Suite D, & to see more upcoming events!

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