Wine Wednesday: Drake's Brewing Co., Bright Side, San Leandro

"Never look at your beer as half empty. Look at it as you're halfway to your next beer."


This Week: Drake's Brewing Co., Bright Side

About Drake's Brewing Co.:

This local Bay Area brewery was built in a former Chrysler Dodge factory in San Leandro. Founded by Roger Lind and John Martin in 1989, Drake's Brewing Co. still operates in the same old Chrysler factory, and follows and simplistic mantra: "Brew". Today, Drake's also operated a taproom along with the brew-house in San Leandro. They operate with several company philosophies, including their First Friday's which are block parties each month at Drake's to support local educational foundations and non-profit organizations.

Tasting Notes:

Bright Side is a cloudy, sour Berliner Weisse beer. It's a regional variation on the white beer style from Northern Germany, dating way back to around the 16th century.


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