Wine Wednesday: Vivier, 2014 Pineau Des Charentes, California

"A meal without wine is like a day without sunshine."

-Anthelme Brillat Savarin

This Week: Vivier, 2014 Pineau Des Charentes, California

Vivier - Wine Wisdom:

1. Vivier is owned and operated by Stéphane Vivier and Dana Sexton Vivier. Stéphane describes himself as "the lazy winemaker" while Dana describes herself as "the adventurous American".

2. According to Stéphane, being a "lazy winemaker" is all about being patient in his winemaking, in order to let the place talk and the grapes be simple.

3. Stéphane from France and Dana from Walla Walla, Washington met through their shared love of wine in a part of Wine Country itself - Napa. They married, and together created Vivier.

4. Vivier remains a family-owned winery, with extremely limited case production.

5. Stéphane was first introduced to Pineau Des Charentes by his grandmother, Meme, who lives in the Southwestern region of France. In France, Pineau is traditionally served as an apé