from the fig farm: Early Spring Planting

After a long and chilly winter, our Fig Farm is finally ready for spring planting! Just a few weeks ago our Fig Farmers began planning and planting our farm for spring. These photos were taken right at the beginning of planting, which means in addition to what's below there is likely even more goodness that's been planted in recent days! We can't wait to see everything that will be growing on the farm this season, and are even more excited to see how Chef Jeremy will bring the bounty from farm to table this summer.

Without further adieu, our "ladies" would like to welcome you to this early spring edition of our Fig Farm tour...

What's Growing On at The Fig Farm this Spring?


Our strawberry plants were just planted a few weeks ago. Soon, all these pretty little white flowers will turn into delicious, juicy strawberries.

Borage Flowers

These flowers are not only a tasty annual herb in the farm, but they're also loved by our bees. These plants are actually one of the most important honey plants there are.

Perennial Viola

Not only are these flowers gorgeous, but they're also edible! These make the prettiest garnishes for spring dishes, desserts, and cocktails.


Farmer Tip: Since mint tends to grow fast and wild, our farmers like to plant our mint at the farm in pots first.


This is a shot of our lavender prior to bloom. Once it blooms, it will be one of the prettiest herbs on the farm!

We welcome you to come enjoy The Fig Farm with us!

Enjoy a glass of wine in The Rhone Room, and a picnic lunch in our Fig Farm.

To order a delicious sandwich, salad or artisan cheese & charcuterie platter to enjoy at our farm this spring and summer, click here.

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