Wine Wednesday: Anaba Wines, 2017 Picpoul Blanc, Snow Vineyard

"Wine gives wings to the mind, flight to the imagination, and happiness to life."

-Julianna Glass

This Week: Anaba Wines, Picpoul Blanc

Photo by Anaba Wines

About Anaba Wines:

1. Founder and Proprietor John Sweazey created Anaba Wines out of his love for the wine business. His interests lie in the production, marketing, and sales aspects of the wine business. John states - "I never personally wanted to be a winemaker. My desire to get into the business was fueled by my long-time interest in production - making the best possible wine from the finest grapes, then marketing and selling it. To me, that's the romance of wine."

2. John attended Stanford where he earned a degree in economics. During college, John and his fraternity bro