dinner & a show: Transcendence Theatre Company, Broadway Under The Stars

Are you ready for the Best Night Ever!?

photo by Rebecca Jane Call

We are thrilled to share that we are, once again, sponsoring Transcendence Theatre Company’s Broadway Under The Stars this summer season at Jack London State Historic Park! If you have ever been to a Broadway Under The Stars performance, you’ll agree that every evening is a truly special experience. Once the sun begins to set, guests find their seats and are treated to an incredible evening of show-stopping talent that will inspire you.

This summer, Transcendence Theatre Company is hosting several Broadway Under The Stars performances for you to enjoy.

You can use code FIGGIRL2018 to receive $3 off each ticket you purchase!

  • Stairway To Paradise: June 15 - July 1

  • "Follow us up the Stairway to Paradise. Let this journey be a reminder to relish in every moment of life. Savor songs from Broadway and beyond, hang on to the sweet harmonies of Transcendence Artists, and delight in each dance step as we climb the Stairway to Paradise."

  • Fantastical Family Night: July 13 - 14

  • "Come one, come all… as we step under the big top for a colorful engaging evening designed for the whole family! Meet a cast of new characters and familiar friends who will untame your imagination and free your ferocious spirit to reveal your loudest ROAR! Join us for the most Fantastical Family Night Ever!"

  • Shall We Dance: August 3 - 19

  • "Get ready for the most thrilling dance of the summer with music from Broadway and beyond in an incredible showcase of movement and rhythm paired with show-stopping vocals. Take our hand as we lead you through and evening of spectacular dance featuring beautiful songs orchestrated especially for this show. Lose yourself in the sways and spins that are highlighted with familiar songs from Broadway alongside your favorite popular songs."

  • Gala Celebration: September 7 - 9

  • ​"Celebrate with us as we take the stage of the old winery ruins one last time this season. The Gala weekend brings out Transcendence’s biggest supporters along with first time attendees who are hoping to have the BEST NIGHT EVER one final time this summer. Guests are reinvigorated with fresh takes on your favorite Broadway tunes and popular songs while managing to have a few surprises left to lift your spirit and leave you astounded. Come together with other guests to let the beauty consume you."

Plus, the fig rig will be at several performances throughout the summer, serving up all your pre-show favorites! Here are the upcoming performances the fig rig will be rolling too.

  • July 13th

  • August 11th

  • September 7th

If you're as excited for a Broadway Under The Stars show as we are, you can preview the music here!

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