stand-out employee: Willy!

Meet our Stand Out Employee for July, Willy!

Willy has been a busser at the fig cafe for 2 years. Managers describe Willy as a team player who is very hardworking.

We asked Willy a few questions about himself - read on to get to know this stand-out employee a little better:

How long have you lived in Sonoma County?

19 years

Favorite spot in Sonoma County?

My house

Besides the girl & the fig and the fig café, what is your favorite restaurant?

Black Bear

What is your favorite food?


What is your favorite thing to cook?

Carne Asada at home

How would you describe yourself in three words?

Funny, nice, weird

When you're not working, what are you most likely doing?

Hanging around Sonoma with my friends.

As a kid, what was your favorite TV show to watch?

Regular Show

What's the best part of working for the the girl & the fig CATERS!?

How nice everyone is.