make this now: 10 Ways To Use Fig & Port Vinaigrette

In addition to our lovely locals, many folks who visit us at the girl & the fig and the fig cafe are visitors from all over the world. Our figFOOD line of condiments and goodies came to life as a way for our guests to take home a piece of the "fig love" from our kitchens back home with them.

Our Fig & Port Vinaigrette, which is part of our figFOOD line, makes a delicious addition to many things. It's rich, tangy, and peppery with a touch of sweetness. Today on the blog we're going to share 10 Chef-recommended ways to enjoy our Fig & Port Vinaigrette!

1. Toss into your favorite salads! We created our Fig & Port Vinaigrette for our beloved Fig & Arugula Salad. Click here for the recipe!

2. Drizzle on top of your favorite fresh summer fruit.

3. Mix into sauces or marinades.

4. Spread a splash onto your sandwich roll.

5. Use as a dip with your favorite steamed veggies.

6. Marinate your steak - the acidity of the vinaigrette will enhance the steak's flavor.

7. Dress your favorite pasta salad recipe.

8. Cook with brown sugar over medium heat in a saucepan to create a delicious glaze.

9. Drizzle over a slice of pizza or flatbread.

10. Stir into your favorite barbecue sauce recipe for a deliciously sweet twist.

Hungry yet?

You can order a bottle of our Fig & Port Vinaigrette by clicking here.

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