Neighborhood Fig Program

Each year during fig season, the girl & the fig purchases figs from those in our community. For a limited time during peak fig season, our Chef uses these figs to create delicious summer dishes.

Thanks to our partnership with the community, we received an amazing 1,500 lbs of figs in 2017. We are very appreciative of having the ability to share our love of figgy dishes with locals and visitors alike. This year, we are looking forward to continuing our Neighborhood Fig program with you!

What’s new this fig season? Here are some details on our program!

Purveyor Forms Starting this year, the first time you come to deliver figs, we are asking that everyone fills out a purveyor form. The form will include important contact information in case we need to reach out to you directly.

Quality Control 1. Please check your figs to ensure they are in good condition, and that nothing is overripe. 2. Handle them with care, and be sure not to quadruple stack. 3. Carefully pack up your fig delivery in a carton, flat box or paper bag. 4. If the fig looks like a fig that you wouldn’t eat yourself - please leave it at home for the birds.

Delivery, Checkout, & Pricing We will be accepting deliveries daily from 8am-11am. You can walk down the driveway of the restaurant to the back door and ask to speak with a chef or restaurant manager. Please be patient as sometimes we are already in service and staff will have to find someone. One of these representatives will check for quality, weigh, and have you sign a log confirming receipt of your fig delivery. Under NO circumstances can you leave figs at our back door or with neighbors - all figs must be signed for.

We will pay you $4 per pound (in the form of a gift card) on the figs that are quality approved (this is guaranteed pricing through the end of August - pricing will most likely go down in September), and will update your existing gift card balance within 3 business days.

Gift Cards If you are new to the program, your gift card will be mailed out to you after your first delivery. Please keep this card, even after the balance is at zero as any additional monthly credits will be applied to the same gift card we have on file. Your gift card can be used at the girl & the fig, the fig cafe, the fig rig & Suite D.

Thank you and we look forward to seeing you soon!

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