First Cold of the Season

Last week, I mysteriously got my first cold of the season. And because of that I am rapidly working my way through my freezer stash of my mom's chicken soup.

Whenever my mom comes to visit from the East Coast, I ask her for the same thing - every time: Chicken Soup. I would say it is the next best thing to having her here taking care of me - a most difficult job (as I am a most miserable sick person - cranky, whiny and no fun whatsoever).

As I pulled out the second to last portion of my coveted soup, I realized in a panic, that I probably won't get by until the next time she visits in December. I did make an effort to pace the soup out by intermingling Door Dash orders of Hot & Sour Soup and Tom Yum Soup but to no avail. We are almost a week in. Today, I find myself scouring through cookbooks and the internet to see what I can find for a replacement until she returns.


I do realize that I could make her soup myself and she would certainly give me the recipe (unlike a bestie who won't share a 'to die for' cheesecake) but I still wouldn't be able to replace her most important ingredient - her motherly love for me.

Here is an article and recipe from Julia Moskin/New York Times that seems to most resemble my mom's soup:

A Superior Chicken Soup

Chicken Soup from Scratch

My saving grace to hold me over is the Ramen PopUps that will start back up the Wednesday after Thanksgiving.