The Bite Goes On: "If you can eat it, we want to talk about it"

For those of you keeping a close eye and ear on all things fig, you may have noticed that we are nearly two months into Sondra Bernstein's newest endeavor: The Bite Goes On podcast. The Bite Goes On (recently reviewed in the Sonoma Index Tribune) is a weekly podcast hosted by Sondra and the girl & the fig alum/sommelier/hospitality industry veteran Brian Casey. Some of you might also recognize Brian's voice from his other podcast, The Wine Makers. Each week these two friends discuss all things food related, tell personal stories, converse with guests, sample different food items and ... - no topic is "off the table".

Thus far the guest list includes;

"The Father of Wine Country Cuisine" Chef John Ash,

Rancho Gordo's Steve Sando,

Culinary Historian & Sonoma Index Tribune's Food Editor Kathleen Hill,

VOLO Chocolate Founders, Susan & Jeff Mall,

Preston Raisin, Sonoma Broadway Farms

with at least another half dozen waiting in the wings to air. The project is the brainchild of two friends, each with deep roots in Sonoma as well as expansive histories in the hospitality industry, and who, quite simply, enjoy talking about that which they are most passionate about. After 80 some odd episodes of The Wine Makers for Brian, the two felt the timing appropriate to expand the palate (pun intended) to include a program pertaining to all things food. As the show's website proclaims, the conversation is "sometimes controversial but always delicious."

Does the name ring a bell? Yes, there is indeed a tip of the cap to the 1967 Top 10 Sonny & Cher hit "The Beat Goes On" but, according to Sondra, it denotes the show's concept of "all things bites - bites of food, sound bytes and more." The podcast goes live each Friday at and is available on other podcast outlets including iTunes, Spotify and TuneIn.

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