Valentine's Day at the fig and Around the World

Valentine's Day is around the corner! To celebrate, we have a couple treats in store for you consisting of a special Valentine's Day Dinner Plat at the girl & the fig as well as a Valentine Pop-Up February 13th and 14th at Suite D.

the girl & the fig wishes you all a Happy Valentine's Day! We are all familiar with the standard traditions of the holiday in the US - romantic dinners with your partner, boxes of chocolate, roses and cards, but, did you ever wonder what other countries do for Valentine's Day? Take a look below!


France had a long-practiced Valentine's Day tradition that was quite fiery. Unmarried men and woman of all ages would fill houses facing each other and call out the names of prospective partners. At the end of the matchmaking session, the unlucky ladies who remained without a mate would gather for a bonfire where they burned pictures of men while cursing the the goons who didn't choose them. Eventually this tradition was banned for being a bit too raucous.


While Valentine's Day in the UK is celebrated much like in the US, with acts of love and romance alongside boxes of chocolate, gifts and cards exchanged - the UK boasts of beginning the tradition of giving roses on the special day.


In the Philippines lovers of all ages really take the holiday seriously. Forget dinner and flowers - they get married. It has become a tradition for literally thousands of couples to marry on the holiday. Mass weddings have become a major part of Filipino Valentine's Day celebrations. What’s better? Its low cost! If young lovebirds decide to wed on V Day, they often find that the venue, rings, wedding cake and gifts come free of charge! Now, that's something to fall in love with.


Sorry chocolate lovers! In Germany those heart shaped boxes are replaced by frosting coated ginger the shape of a pig (look it up). Also, Valentine's Day does not include school children passing cards and candy to one another: It's for mature audiences only. Love is not a trifling matter, after all.


If Germany is somewhat restrictive on the matter, Finland makes up for it. There are no sad, sappy suckers on Valentine's Day in Finland - it's a day for everyone! The Finnish consider V Day to be "Friendship Day" or "Day of the Friends." Instead of stressing over what to get one's lover (a month and a half after Christmas, no less!), in Finland, people celebrate all of their loved ones - friends, family, and significant others alike. That seems a lot less stressful!


No roses for Peruvians on Valentine's Day - orchids are the flower of choice! Orchids are native to the country and the subsequent flower of choice for giving one's loved one.


In South Africa they wear their hearts on their sleeve. Literally. Woman pin paper hearts with the name of their lover or love interest on their sleeve. That takes the guess work out of it!


Flowers. Chocolates. Dinners. All of these are sooooo, temporary. The Welsh prefer to give something longer lasting. So, the men of Wales give their beloved wooden spoons with messages carved into them. What's even better is they are called "Love Spoons."


You chocolate lovers might want to consider spending February 14th in Ghana. Their Valentine's Day is also known as "National Chocolate Day." Ghana is one of the biggest cacao producers in the world and the government subsequently figured it was a good way to spread the word, and the wealth, on this vital part of their economy. Everyone's a winner!


In Japan, the fellas get a break as it is the ladies who do the gift giving. On Valentine's Day women give the men in their lives chocolates. They save the very best ones, called "Honmei-choco," for their love interest. The rest of the crew gets, what basically translates to, "obligation chocolates." But don't worry ladies, the men get their chance to return the favor a month later, on March 14, which is called "White Day."


All this talk of chocolates and flowers - doesn't anyone celebrate WINE around the world? Yes! On February 14, Bulgaria celebrates "San Trifon Zaresan" which translates to "Day of the Winemaker." The holiday likely traces back to Dionysus and is a mix of some pagan and Orthodox traditions. The Bulgarians subsequently infuse February 14 with celebration of two of life's greatest things: love and wine.

Valentine's Day is a busy time around the girl & the fig. It's never too early to make your reservation for this special night! Additionally, our Valentine’s Pop-Up has a host of sweet baked goodies that you can order ahead of time. Visit for more info on this year’s offerings. The items will be available for pickup February 13th and 14th at Suite D. Happy Valentine's Day!

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