Pi & Pie: International Pi Day at Suite D

Coming up this Thursday, is March 14th. Does this date ring any bells? No, it’s not trash day (that’s not true - it could be trash day, don’t quote me on that, and don’t forget to take out the trash!). How about this: this Thursday is 3/14. How about now, looking familiar? No, it’s not your mother’s birthday (again, don’t quote me, it very well could be! Be prepared for that one!). Ok, we’ll tell you: 3/14 is International Pi Day, in celebration of that wonderful mathematical constant that is 3.14!

We here at the girl & the fig are gearing up to celebrate this fantastic holiday at Suite D on Thursday, March 14th starting at 5:30PM, with none other than, pie! Is there really any other way? 😉 We are ready to honor this irrational number in the most rational way; with empanadas, mini quiches, chicken pot pie with green salad, and strawberry-rhubarb pie. Corkage at this event will be $5 per bottle (2 bottle maximum per guest), with complimentary corkage for Club Members. Reciting the infinite digits of pi is not required, but is encouraged!

Visit https://www.therhoneroom.com/product-page/international-pi-day-3-14 for more information and to purchase tickets. Trust me, you’ll want a piece of this; you’ll be infinitely happy that you joined us! 😊

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