5 Tips: Wedding Season Edition

By Cecily G

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Wedding season is here, and wine country is abound with the feeling of love. Wine country is one of those special places where any season could be host to a gorgeous wedding, but summer and autumn are especially beautiful choices. The girl & the fig is no stranger to wedding season, and are here to help make sure your day is as perfect and special as you’ve always imagined. Here are a few tips from our website on how to plan your special day with as little stress as possible.

Stress-free Start

Remember to take a moment to enjoy and celebrate being engaged. Surround yourself with people you love most and take in the moment. Don’t feel like you need to rush into planning, and start with one thing at a time when you feel ready. Starting with a guest list can be a great place to start, so that you have an idea of how big of an event you will be planning. Pinterest boards are another fun way to organize and get excited about the wedding ideas that inspire you the most.

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Venue Shopping

The most daunting task of wedding planning can be picking the right venue. It is important to have a style of venue in mind, and then from there, comparing costs of similar venues. Don’t forget to consider what is included, and required, from each venue when making your choice.

The Timing of it All

Setting a timeline is a critical step in making sure your wedding planning goes smoothly. You’ll want to book venues and bigger vendors for the things that are most important to you as soon as possible, to make sure you get exactly what you want. Find a timeline template online and then tweak it to fit your specific needs. Event planners are also great resources for keeping to a wedding planning timeline.

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When it comes to choosing a caterer, go into the process knowing your style and your budget. Make sure to go into choosing a caterer having researched testimonials and online reviews, and knowing what is important to you and what things you can be flexible with. Catering will be one of your biggest expenses, but keep in mind what a huge role they play in the event, from service, to food, to most likely rentals.

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Saying “Yes” to the Dress

Hey you brides, here are the two best tips for finding your dress: Do your research, and Don’t limit yourself. Make sure to look into what dress will be best for your body type, and what style you prefer. Look into different bridal shops that carry your preferred designers, and go into shops with ideas in mind. If you don’t find your ideal dress on the first, second, or even third visit, don’t stress. Trust yourself and follow your gut feeling.

For more detailed tips, tricks, and insider advice on the road to tying the knot, check out the girl & the fig CATERS! website: https://www.figcaters.com/planning

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