A Note to our Guests about the Coronavirus

First of all, we are committed to follow and maintain the best protocols from the CDC and our local departments regarding public health, keeping our restaurants sanitized and clean, overseeing our team members to make sure they go above and beyond in understanding how to be safe by managing their personal hygiene, and to make sure our guests concerns are taken care of.

We are reviewing how to keep our business sustainable through this time. We will have to make some difficult decisions, but these will be necessary for the long term and will give us the opportunity to bounce back quickly when things come back to 'normal'.

We know that this virus is everyone's problem and not just ours. We are all affected, and not only do we care deeply about our figfamily and our loyal guests, our hearts are breaking for our entire community, our neighborhood businesses, and frankly the whole world.

We hope you will continue to visit us. We know that our good food and a friendly face will put you in a good mood.

How do we filter through the noise?

This is a crazy time, and it is difficult to keep up with all of the constant stream of news.Here are a few things that are helping us know the facts and keep our stress in check.