BBQ, Kansas City Style

It’s road trip time! You know the type - the tasty, mouthwatering, Suite D road trip! The next stop on our culinary adventure through the USA is Kansas City, and it's BBQ time!

On August 4th, we are serving up a delicious KC inspired meal, including a wedge salad to start, followed by family style Kansas City BBQ brisket, chicken legs, and sausages, with Hickory smoked BBQ beans and a cheesy corn bake. Save room for gooey butter cake for dessert!

Before we embark on this culinary journey, let’s talk a little bit about the history of Kansas City barbecue, and the people who started it all.

Henry Perry

Henry Perry is often hailed as the “Barbecue King” and known as “the father of Kansas City Barbecue.” Perry served ribs slow cooked over oak and hickory, on the pages of newspapers for 25 cents a slab, out of an old trolley barn. Operating in the early 1900’s, this was the city’s first barbecue restaurant, and it was not only famous for its legendary food, but for being a hub during the heyday of Kansas City Jazz. His sauces were described as “harsh, and peppery,” rather than sweet, and Perry’s menu included many barbecue staples that are still popular today.

Henry Perry, image via

Kansas City Times, 1982 via

The Bryant Brothers

Charlie Bryant, trained by Henry Perry, took over Perry’s restaurant upon his death in 1940. Once at the helm, Charlie brought his brother, Arthur, in to the business, and in 1946, Charlie passed the restaurant on to Arthur. Arthur renamed the restaurant Arthur Bryant’s, changed the sauce to make it taste a little sweeter, and rose to fame after being called “the single best restaurant in the world” in Playboy magazine. Arthur hosted many famous politicians, actors, and sports figures at Arthur Bryant’s until his death in 1982. The restaurant remains open today.

The Gates Family

Gates Bar-B-Q, one of the oldest barbecue restaurant chains, was founded in 1946 by George Gates, with the help of Arthur Pinkard, a former cook for Henry Perry. Gates is known for their simple ingredient barbecue sauce (which doesn’t contain molasses), their trademark red roofed buildings and strutting top hatted man logo, and friendly service. The chain is still family owned today, now run by Ollie Gates, who is known as “the barbecue baron.”

Tickets for our Kansas City BBQ Dinner available here:

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