Citrus Sea Salt: 10 Ways

the girl and the fig citrus sea salt

In addition to our lovely locals, many folks who visit us at the girl & the fig and the fig cafe & winebar are visitors from all over the world. Our figFOOD line of condiments and goodies came to life as a way for our guests to take home a piece of the "fig love" from our kitchens back home with them.

Today on the blog, we're featuring the Citrus Sea Salt from our figFOOD line. With a new label, but the same delicious flavor, this salt is the finishing touch your meal needed. This hand-harvested, unrefined grey sea salt is naturally colored by its mineral content and blended with the perfect touch of dried citrus peel. Here are 10 Chef-recommended ways to enjoy our Citrus Sea Salt!

1. Sprinkle on chicken, fish, or pork before pan-searing or grilling.

2. Toss with your favorite pasta or risotto.

3. Add atop homemade chocolate truffles for a delectable treat.

4. Try Edamame with Citrus Salt recipe for a quick & healthy snack.

5. Feeling crafty? Try your hand at a DIY soap recipe, and add some Citrus Sea Salt into the mix to add texture to your soap.

6. Toss onto grilled veggies or fruit for the perfect summer side.

7. Cocktails anyone? Dip a cocktail glass rim into some Citrus Sea Salt for the perfect summer margaritas.

8. Shake onto buttered grilled corn to amp up your summer barbecue.

9. Sprinkle on candied citrus slices.

10. Serve it right on the table to accompany almost anything!

Ready to incorporate our Citrus Sea Salt into some of your favorite recipes?

Get your hands on a jar, here.

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