Curated Holiday Gift Bottles

Need some Festive gifts - here is our curated gift guide on some interesting liqueurs to spice up your friends' (or your) holidays! Available to order online HERE or stop by the girl & the fig to pick up!

St Minze Schnapps.

Prohibition Era Style Schnapps is a delightful blend of floral and spearmint. Perfect for a nip on the slopes!

(375 ml) $30

Limoncello di Sonoma.

A fresh California lifestyle version of the classic Italian digestif. Bursting with full lemon flavor and aromas.

31% ABV. (375 ml) $32

Chauvet Grand Orange Liqueur.

Aged Cognac style VS brandy, barrel aged with California Valencia orange peel. Intense aroma and citric flavor profile with brandy maturity. If you like Grand Marnier try this.

35% ABV (750 ml) $50

Margerum Amaro.

House recipe fortified wine (grape neutral spirits) with herbs (sage, thyme, marjoram, parsley, lemon verbena, rosemary, and mint), barks, roots, dried orange peels, and caramelized simple syrup. Aged in cask outdoors. Final result is 23% alcohol.

(750 ml) $55

Figcello di Sonoma.

Black Mission Figs infused with a secret recipe of 18 botanicals. Traditional French flavors of fennel, anise, orange peel, and vanilla.