Extraordinary Customer Testimonial

By: Cecily Gamba

We love our customers here at the girl & the fig! We love to create a warm and welcoming atmosphere for all, and serve an enjoyable and memorable meal. Having guests leave satisfied, happy, and full, of both food and happy memories, is the goal for us every day, in all aspects of our business.

We recently connected with Miranda, a longtime fig fan, and her fiancé Rion, who are now in the process of planning their wedding at Suite D. Getting to know Miranda and Rion was such a pleasure, and reminded us why we love our fig community, and our community of Sonoma. We wanted to share their story and involvement in the fig community with you below ~

How did you meet?

Rion and I met when we were 13 years old at a mutual friend’s birthday party. Fast forward three years and he asks me out a few months after my 16th birthday, and we have been together ever since. Rion proposed to me in December 2018 by using a special type of water-inducing spray paint that only shows up when it is raining. I LOVE the rain and we have a mantra between the two of us that says “it’s still raining” which basically means I love you. It was just wonderful and simple.

When did you first discover the girl & the fig?

My mom took me to the girl & the fig for my 21st birthday because it has the best bar on the planet. We sat down and I saw that they served Croque Monsieurs, which was my favorite meal while I was in France a few years back. I ordered the Hanson’s Mule and she ordered the Fig Kiss. But, ever since then, the girl & the fig has been my favorite restaurant and I go there whenever I can find the excuse.

How did you come to find out about the girl & the fig CATERS!/Suite D, and what led you to becoming Suite D members?

I found out about the girl & the fig CATERS when Rion and I were trying to decide where to get married and who we wanted to cater us. I remembered how much I love the girl & the fig, so I checked them out online and immediately emailed them to get a sense of how I could get them to cater. Andrea (amazing woman!) responded with the option of us having the entire event at Suite D. That day, my father, Rion, and I drove to Sonoma to get a peek at Suite D. I fell immediately in love with EVERYTHING about it. The location, the feeling, the quirky tapestries, the beautiful outdoor setting, the twinkling lights, and just the feeling that it felt right. It was everything I wanted and so so so so much more. Rion and my father had similar feelings and we all felt this wave of relief that we had finally found the right place at the right price and the right feelings. During the planning and sorting out of menu, hours, decorations, etc. (which is still going on), I learned that you could become a Suite D member, and get a discount off the total event.

How have you enjoyed being a member so far/what events are you excited by?

I LOVE being a member. I went to the Open House dinner event on the 27th of April with Rion and we were both blown away by everything. Being greeted by one of the kindest, most generous, and sweetest human beings on the planet who gave us some greeting wine was one of the most amazing introductions I could have ever asked for. Rion and I looked around and what we really liked is that we had the option to mingle, but did not feel forced to. We helped ourselves to some of the most amazing tacos I have ever had in my life. Purple tortillas! There were purple tortillas. That is just magical in it of itself. So far, I really love being a member. We are signed up for Rosé Day (can’t wait to try that pizza oven!). Overall, I am just really excited to be part of this Suite D community and cannot wait to attend more events.

Finally, favorite dish at the girl & the fig? 😊

This one is really tough because everything I have ever ordered there, I have loved. I think my favorite dish would have to be the Fig and Arugula salad followed by the most amazing Pressed Ham Sandwich with a side of french fries. And, you can’t go wrong with that Hanson’s Mule. That right there is one of the perfect meals. Similarly, this is Rion’s favorite meal, but he loves topping his meal off with the cookies and milk dessert.

In general, the girl & the fig is just a beautiful, warm, upbeat, quirky place that serves delicious food, amazing wine, great mixed drinks, and fantastic desserts. We love it so much because it is our go-to place to celebrate our accomplishments, our relationship, and just the fact that we are still together after knowing each other for 10 years. I take my mom here for just because fun lunches. I take my dad here when he needs a place to get away from the stressors in his life. We are typically greeted with kind people who genuinely seem to like what they do and always leave feeling fully satisfied and glad to have gone. Mostly, I love the fact that Rion and I have a place. This is our place. the girl & the fig. Suite D. The Fig Rig. The Fig Café . All of these places feel like ours in one way or another, and we love it.

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