So-gnome-a Season!

Gnome season returns to the girl & the fig!

Happiest of Holidays to you all! As the season is now in full swing, our gnomes have made their triumphant return. Those of you who have visited the girl & the fig during this time of year are probably aware that these gnomes have a rich history of enhancing our yuletide season.

The fig-history of our gnome-centric holiday season goes back about 5 years now when our fearless founder, Sondra, began collecting these little guys. She wanted something cute, fun and different to help spark some holiday cheer into the restaurant. She also liked the play on words, "So-gnome-a." The idea quickly became an obsession and gnomes of all shapes and sizes began popping up in the restaurant and beyond.


- Gnomes have a life expectancy of 400 years!

- Males gnomes usually wear red hats.

- Gnomes kiss by rubbing noses.

- They are good luck!

- Gnomes are said to live underground.