Sonoma Historical Tour Stops

By: Cecily G

Sonoma played a huge part in the making of what we now know as California, and has a history as rich as the food and wine it produces. Take a look at some of the historical spots you can see in Sonoma!

Vallejo Home, image via

Vallejo Estate

This dramatic, Gothic Victorian style home of General Mariano Guadalupe Vallejo lies about a half mile west of the Sonoma Plaza. Step in to view the home, which is filled with the personal effects of the General and his wife.

Swiss Hotel, image via

Swiss Hotel

Once the home of General Vallejo’s brother, this historic Sonoma landmark is now an operating hotel, restaurant, and bar.

Sebastiani Vineyards and Winery

Learn about Samuele Sebastiani, an immigrant from Tuscany in 1904, who built this historic winery from one 501-gallon vat to a multi-varietal, million-bottle production. Fun fact: this was the only winery in Sonoma County to continue operation through Prohibition!

Presidio of Sonoma

Also known as the Sonoma Barracks, this two storied adobe was erected by General Vallejo in 1863, and was used as the headquarters of the Bear Flag Party.

Mission San Francisco Solano, image via

Mission San Francisco Solano

Take a glimpse into life during the Mexican era of Spanish colonization by visiting Mission San Francisco Solano. Built in 1823, this is the last and northernmost of the 21 California missions.

Buena Vista Winery

Being the oldest commercial winery in the state, Buena Vista Winery cannot be missed in your Historic Sonoma Tour. Visit the original stone buildings built in the 1850s, less than a 10 minute drive from the Sonoma Plaza.

Blue Wing Inn

This storied landmark was one of the first hotels built in California north of San Francisco. Erected originally by General Vallejo in 1840 to house travelers, this Inn welcomed Ulysses S Grant, the Bear Flag Party, Gold Rush miners, and US Army soldiers among other notable guests.

Bear Flag Monument

This statue, located in the park in the Sonoma Plaza, is dedicated to the 1846 Bear Flag Revolt.

Bear Flag Monument, image via

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