Spring into Sonoma!

Spring is just about upon us here in Sonoma County. The weather is getting warmer, the grass is green and lush, and the smell of fresh earth is in the air. Vineyards are waking from dormancy to the bright yellows of mustard, fresh white of chamomile, and vibrant pinks of cherry blossoms. Though we love every season in Sonoma, there is something to be said for the natural breathtaking beauty of spring in wine country.

So how are you going to enjoy all this delicious gorgeousness that is springtime in Sonoma? We have a few suggestions below!

Romp in a sea of wildflowers

There is no shortage of gorgeous flora and fauna in the valley this time of year. A drive down Highway 12 provides many opportunities for pulling over to properly appreciate all that is in bloom!

Wine Tasting

Spring is still a relatively quiet time in Sonoma before the boom of summer and harvest, making it a great time to taste wine. Learn and taste from the makers themselves, many of whom may be at the winery for bottling, monitoring budbreak, and so much more! Spring also brings Wine Road Barrel Tasting, where attendees get an exclusive taste of some of the best wines of 2020 before they’re available in stores.

Take a food tour

As we transition from winter ingredients to spring’s bounty of fresh new flavors, Sonoma has many opportunities to taste what’s new. Enjoy many festivals throughout the season, including the Artisan Cheese Festival, Cloverdale's Citrus Fair, Sebastopol’s