Summer Shakeup! It's Holiday Party Planning Season

By: Cecily G

With the 4th of July having come and gone, and late summer right around the corner, it is time to start thinking about holiday parties. Before you call me crazy and click right out of this post, because WHOA IT’S ONLY AUGUST, LADY! - let me tell you WHY you should start planning your holiday party now!

1. Discounts!!

Booking in advance can snag you incredible discounts that won’t be available closer to the holidays. Pro tip: the girl & the fig CATERS! Is offering a 20% discount off food & beverage when you book your holiday party at Suite D!* This offer ends August 31st, so hurry before it’s too late!

2. Get the vendors you want

Whether it be food, beverages, entertainment, or that gelato cart you’ve been eyeing, it’s best to get ahead of the curve and book your preferred vendors before the rush.

3. Team building opportunity

Giving more time to plan means allowing more time for team collaboration on your party. Anyone interested in helping can come together as a team, in order to create a party with more diversified ideas and a stronger sense of company culture.

4. Time for creativity

We all know that planning a fun party can be a lot of pressure, so give yourself time to think outside the box and plan something really special! At Suite D, we can help enhance your event with fun activities such as Christmas Carol-oke, Casino Parties, Creative Paintin