Wine Wednesday: Holiday Food Pairings

Happy Wine Wednesday everyone, we are back again here in our Rhône world, ready to take on the holidays with a glass in hand. Chances are - your holidays involve some kind of food. Chances are - you’re gonna want some wine (it is the holiday season, after all). Bring tidings of joy to your table when you serve up a holiday meal that has some delicious Rhônes to match!

Roasted Carrots and Grenache

Pair a sweeter root veggie with medium bodied reds with red fruit and good acidity.

Honey Baked Ham and Viognier

Pair this sweeter meat with a wine that has a little sweetness to match.

Roast pheasant and Cote du Rhône GSM

The earthiness of the GSM will disappear next to the roasted food and will shine through with rich fruity flavors.

Brisket and a Northern Rhône Syrah

This fatty cut of meat requires a savory red; Syrah with meaty and olive notes is a sure fire hit.

Roast Turkey and Marsanne/Roussanne

Instead of the usual reds, pair a rich white with your holiday bird. This Chardonnay-esque wine will be sure to please those who aren’t risky when it comes to venturing into new varietals.

Italian Sugar Cookies and Grenache Blanc

Skip the milk and try this refreshing white white to bring out delicate flavors in the cookie.

Candy Canes and Mourvèdre

A Mourvèdre will stand up to the strong flavors of peppermint and match the minty herbal notes.

Fig Cookies and Syrah

Forget the figgy pudding that carolers demand this time of year, and whip up some fig-filled cookies to pair with the bold fruit and spicy notes of Syrah. (This could be our favorite pairing yet, wonder why…😉)

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