Wine Wednesday: Mathis

By: Cecily G

Cheers, friends! It’s Wine Wednesday once again! Recently, we have been discussing the Rhône movement in California (catch up here and here!). We are going to continue that for this week’s Rhône 101 lesson, and talk about one of the many wonderful Rhône-style producing wineries here in Sonoma County: Mathis.

Happily making furniture in Massachusetts. This was Peter Mathis’s life, before it all changed. Wines from the south of France were the catalyst (and we can’t blame him!). Once his interest was piqued, Mathis decided to pack up and head to California. He landed at Ravenswood Winery in 1990. In 1997, he bought a hillside vineyard above Sonoma, and began working toward his dream; to create a beautiful California Grenache. And the rest is history!

2004 saw the first limited production vintage of Mathis Grenache. Why Grenache? Mathis says, “Like no other grape, Grenache is a heady, frolicking mix of fruit and spice. It’s not a wine that causes one’s brow to furrow contemplatively; it’s all about laughter and the celebration of life, of eating and drinking lustily. Don’t think, just drink - that’s the ticket! In a nutshell, it’s totally YUM. You gotta try it.” And we have to agree.

Run, don’t walk to try this Grenache. We have it waiting for you by the glass and by the bottle at the girl & the fig!

Also check out our blog post here to learn more about the Grenache varietal and its history. Cheers!

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