Wine Wednesday: Rhône-Style Wine Pairings

By: Cecily G

It’s every wino’s favorite day of the week, Wine Wednesday! We are back for more Rhône-inspired musings, this week discussing the best pairings for some popular Rhône varietals. Hmm, food AND Rhône wine? We must be in heaven! 😉


Syrah is a funny grape, in that depending on where it is grown, it’s flavors and body will widely vary. For a northern-Rhône style wine (lighter bodied, usually more tart with berry flavors), pair with more delicate foods, such as lamb prepared with clove, allspice, or mint. For a Syrah coming from a warmer region (i.e. - a bold, full bodied Syrah), you can play with more intense flavors. Try a spiced pork, or something with a bold Asian style sauce.

TGTF pairing: Sonoma Roadside, 2017 Samantha’s Vineyard, Russian River + Grilled Ribeye


Grenache wines will be full bodied, soft, low acid, higher alcohol with red berry notes. Grenache should not be paired with lighter foods, but instead can nicely complement bolder flavors, such as those found in Indian food or other spicy cuisines.

TGTF pairing: Mathis 2015 Sonoma Valley Grenache + The Works (Cheese + Charcuterie Platter)


This rich, aromatic white is a stunner on it’s own, but pairs beautifully with many foods. Think Chardonnay and Chenin Blanc pairings, but with a kick. Many curries, Thai inspired foods, and spicy dishes, especially those accompanied by a hint of stone fruit, stand up well to this bold white. Chicken, sea bass, shrimp, and ginger all are complimented by a good Viognier.


A full bodied white with citrus, stone fruit, beeswax, and brioche, that is somewhat reminiscent of Chardonnay. Rousannes are very food friendly, and pair well with buttery meats, pate, and cream sauces.

Flounder to pair perfectly with Roussanne!

TGTF pairing: Truchard 2017 Roussanne + Wild Flounder Meunière


Another incredible food wine, Carignane has flavors of dried cranberry, raspberry, baking spices, and umami, a balanced profile, and silky tannins. Because it falls as a medium style wine, it can pair with dishes both light and bold. Pair with poultry, meaty beef, dishes with natural spice flavors, such as cinnamon and clove, and grilled and roasted veggies.

TGTF pairing: Carol Shelton 2015 Old Vine Carignane + Duck Confit

Hungry (or thirsty) yet? Book your reservations to try these pairings now!

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