Wine Wednesday: Thanksgiving Wine Pairings

By: Cecily G

Happy #WineWednesday and Happy Thanksgiving, everyone! In honor of this week’s holiday, we wanted to give you a quick guide on what Rhône wines to pair with your Thanksgiving meal. Impress your guests with spot on pairings, and toast to everything you are grateful for with something wonderful in your glass!

Sparkling wine

Start your gathering off with a glass of bubbles and a toast. If your guests wish to continue with sparkling throughout the night, choose a Brut, which is the driest (least sweet) of sparkling wines, and serve chilled. This will pair well throughout the meal.


Known as “the perfect Thanksgiving wine,” you gotta try these cherry fruit and spiced tobacco flavors of a Carignan up against your turkey.


For something on the lighter and more fresh side, choose a Grenache to pair with your meal. This choice provides a nice juxtaposition between the lighter wine and the hefty meal.


For those who love to drink white, choose a full bodied Viognier to stand up to the medley of flavors at the table.


Going for a smoked turkey this year? Pair with a GSM, which will go nicely with the bold Mourvèdre and Syrah. The dried fruit flavors of a GSM will shine when sipped with stuffing, and the blend will compliment turkey gravy nicely, as well.