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Wine Wednesday: Pangloss Cellars, 2017 Rosé, Sonoma Valley

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"Wine is the magic you can feel, that touches your soul."

-Julianna Glass

This Week: Pangloss Cellars, 2017 Rosé, Sonoma Valley

About Pangloss Cellars:

1. Pangloss Cellars was named after Dr. Pangloss from Voltaire's novel Candide.

2. Dr. Pangloss famously said, "mankind lives in the best of all possible worlds." This resonated with Pangloss Cellars because as they put it - "In Sonoma, we believe we have indeed found the best of all possible worlds, and with our Pangloss wines we want to share the best of Sonoma with you."

3. The building that houses Pangloss Cellars is a 116 year old historic property in Sonoma. The setting perfectly fits the old world winemaking techniques that Pangloss Cellars uses. 

4. Winemaker Erich Bradley creates the Pangloss wines at their winery located on Moon Mountain.

5. Pangloss Cellars also has a sister label, Repris Wines.


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